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Razer Huntsman Mini (60%) Keyboard Review - They CAN Do Better!
11 August 2020

For some people the Razer Huntsman mini is the best 60% gaming keyboard of 2020 but after using it for several months, a long term user review was needed. The new improved Razer linear optical switches versus the original optical switches is also important to discuss. Those new Razer red switches with their stabilizers and lubed components are big improvements over the originals. Also the Razer Huntsman Mini price and availability might impact some buying decisions too.

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0:00 – Intro
1:39 – Razer Huntsman Mini 60% Price
2:54 – Razer Switches Typing Test
4:19 – Are Razer Linear Gen2 Switchess Good?
5:31 – Are Clicky Optical Switches Worth it?
5:59 – Physical Overview
7:22 – Huntsman Mini vs Ducky Mecha Mini
8:28 – Long Term Issues Switch Review
9:16 – Issues with Razer Synapse
9:52 – Conclusion

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