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Faster with Finnegan SERIES PREMIERE | Big Speed Gains: Cheap and Fast!
26 July 2020

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Can a 1985 S15 truck beat a new Shelby GT350 Mustang around a road course? That’s what Mike Finnegan is trying to find out with his good friends David Newbern and Mike Cotten. In this premiere episode of Faster With Finnegan, the guys use their Roadkill ingenuity to add major speed to their beater to see if they can out run Randy Pobst piloting a 526-horsepower pony car. Will they be able make their truck competitive with only a few bucks and a couple days of wrenching, or will they fail in glorious fashion? Either way they’ll teach you some new tricks and have fun along the way as Faster With Finnegan adds an all-new show to the Roadkill family. #Roadkill #FasterWithFinnegan #MikeFinnegan