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Do You Really KNOW Anything? ft. Neil deGrasse Tyson
14 July 2020

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It seems easy to know things. The basics of epistemology haven’t changed much since Plato’s time, and we navigate every minute of our lives using a system of justified true belief. If we’re justified in thinking something, that thing is true, and we believe it, then it’s knowledge.

But as Gettier Problems show us, sometimes that justified true belief model just doesn’t work. We can satisfy every condition of JTB and still not know something.

So if that system isn’t reliable, then how can we really know anything at all? It’s a philosophical problem so big that we need Neil deGrasse Tyson to sort it out.

Neil deGrasse Tyson of StarTalk sets the record straight on what knowledge really is. Science, he says, is filled with things we can truly know with confidence. Sometimes they’re things we can count; other times we just hit a limit on how useful knowledge is to humanity.

The way we view knowledge in our collaborative endeavors sets the tone for how we go about life itself -- and puts us in the best possible position to know more and progress with math, science, and humanity.

... and we FINALLY find out whether a hot dog is a sandwich.

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